Phoenix Healthcare gets graffitied

What did you do over Easter?

On Winkworth Street, locals painted all over Phoenix Healthcare’s new walls!




Forget decorating Easter eggs! On Sunday, local artists gathered by Daniel Wallwork (aka Wally) and Kane Maneylaws of The Next Page, took to the walls of the brand new Phoenix Healthcare premises, 189 Mulgrave Road (corner Winkworth Street), in a show of decorative community spirit.


John Blinco, owner of the well-known local business said, “We had a large spare space on the side of the building and were excited to discover that these guys were on the lookout for an extraordinary canvas. There have been people driving past, beeping and waving all day. A pretty cool Easter event, I’d say.”


Youth workers and arts educators, Wally and Kane (known as The Next Page), were equally happy to be part of the unique project. “Rarely do you get five or six artists working in one place on a project. This space [corner Mulgrave Road and Winkworth Street] is to be an ‘ongoing canvas’, changed every four months to give more local artists a chance to showcase their style. We source artists for projects like this around town and it’s great because it fosters cultural growth and mentorship. Community perception has really changed too; people in the area have really been getting into this today − the neighbours even offered us curry for lunch!”


The Next Page team operate around the region and have worked with other businesses like Phoenix Healthcare keen to offer youth opportunities to express themselves through art, within legal and council parameters.


Phoenix Healthcare ( is a well established local business, having operated predominantly from the Lake Street premises opposite the Private Hospital for nearly twenty years. All sale, hire and repair facets of the home nursing, rehabilitation and healthcare business will be combining into the exciting new super store on Mulgrave Road, which includes an already popular drive-thru workshop and service centre. Phoenix Healthcare has always been renowned for showcasing a unique perspective on art, with each of its former stores as well as company vehicles adorned in locally produced Egyptian-themed artwork. The new premises boasts beautiful wall hangings of photography from around the world captured on film by locals, as well as brightly designed interiors. On the exterior artwork, John adds, “We’ve always focussed on brightening up the brand with art and colour which is proven to elevate mood. The last thing we are is solemn. In the area we’ve moved to, we’re aware there are kids who are at a loose end, and if we can do something positive to help channel their creativity, then so be it. If the exterior project proves to be popular, we would certainly consider opening up other spaces in and around the showroom for community art use.”


Phoenix Healthcare opens at 189 Mulgrave Road on Tuesday 22 April 2014, with an official launch scheduled for 20 May 2014.



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