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“A mythical bird that never dies, the phoenix flies far ahead to the front, always scanning the landscape and distant space. It represents our capacity for vision, for collecting sensory information about our environment and the events unfolding within it. The phoenix, with its great beauty, creates intense excitement and deathless inspiration.” ~ Lam Kam Chuen

Phoenix Healthcare’s history epitomises the mythical spirit of the Phoenix, having faced many changes and challenges over the past 20 years, but always rising to the forefront of the health and aged care industry. The Proprietors’ have demonstrated inspiring vision year after year, by not only stocking, but designing innovative products to suit customer needs. Their designs are based on extensive industry understanding and research. The company continues to ensure service above and beyond any other national or international competitors, and has built a reputation on experience and respect.

The organisation has come a long way since the fledgling Calvary (Hospital, now Cairns Private) Pharmacy which made the original difficult decision on whether to have “one wheelchair or two” when it entered the home healthcare and mobility market in the mid 1990s. The uniquely designed Phoenix Healthcare complex in Cairns relocated to the corner of Lake and Upward Streets in 2000, followed by the 2006 addition of the 650 sq.m Condor Healthcare showroom in Townsville, the extensive maintenance and development unit on Water Street (Cairns, 2009), and the interactive Martyn Street Showroom (corner Grove Street) which opened its doors in February 2010. February 2014 saw the innovative ‘drive-thru’ workshop open on the corner of Mulgrave Rd & Winkworth Street. The uniquely designed Phoenix Healthcare emporium in Cairns on the corner of Mulgrave Road and Winkworth Street opened in April 2014, allowing the pharmacy, showroom and the extensive maintenance and development unit  to all be under one roof for the first time.

Phoenix Healthcare Group boasts over 1500sq.m. of retail showrooms in North Queensland, and efficiently reaches far beyond Cairns  city limits via a network of online operations, home delivery and installation, and Government agencies.

The complex is well located and provides ample parking, easy access and plenty of room to browse and trial equipment and aids. Generally necessity brings customers into the shop, but the décor and obliging attitude of the staff is such that many return having enjoyed their first experience realising that the Phoenix Healthcare Group offers much more than ‘just wheelchairs’. Here you’ll discover unimagined healthcare and mobility options for each individual – from a child with a broken arm, an athlete recovering from injury, patient undergoing surgery rehabilitation or someone simply in need of advice.

The dedicated management and staff of Phoenix Healthcare Group is in the business of caring. They not only aim to provide the utmost in range for sale and hire, but the development arm is consistently designing its own products based on years of experience and understanding of exactly what is needed, but not currently available in the healthcare and mobility marketplace. Bennu and Silverbridge, two brands established by Phoenix Healthcare Group, are synonymous with good quality and affordability. Advanced products have been brought to market bearing the Bennu and Silverbridge trademarks and the production of imported merchandise is closely supervised.

Similarly, these innovations are carefully trialed and developed to the highest national and international standards, and resources from Australia, China and Taiwan are pooled so that customers are ensured the utmost in contemporary quality and design.

Phoenix Healthcare Group imports and manufacturers, ensuring not only the utmost in quality and design, but the very best price on the market.

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Phoenix Healthcare Emporium

189 Mulgrave Rd (Cnr Winkworth St), Cairns, 4870

Map Phoenix
Phoenix Emporium

Phoenix Emporium offers a pharmacy on site as well as a vast array of home healthcare, rehabilitation and surgical supplies. The large showroom offers customers the opportunity to view and trial equipment, and the experienced staff are on hand to provide advice and information.
Phone: (07) 4041 3629

Email: principal@phoenixhealthcare.com.au


Phoenix Maintenance & Development

189 Mulgrave Rd, Cairns

Map Phoenix
Phoenix Emporium


Be mean and green, spare it and repair it! That’s the motto of the Phoenix Maintenance & Development Division. This specialised workshop has been designed so that all manner of healthcare equipment (including wheelchairs, wheeled walkers, beds, toileting and shower aids) can be refurbished, repaired and restored . The premises also serves a ‘research and development’ ground where Phoenix’s own Bennu and Silverbridge lines are designed and refined.

It is now possible to drive in off Winkworth street and arrange your repairs or modifications from the comfort of your own car
Email: principal@phoenixhealthcare.com.au